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Tree Braids (Cornrows)

  1. What are Tree Braids?
  2. How much hair / how many packs do I need?
  3. Can I put it in a ponytail?
  4. How long does it take?
  5. I have missing or weak edges; can I still get  Tree Braids?
  6. My hair is short; can I still get Tree Braids?
  7. Can I remove  Tree Braids myself when I'm ready?
  8. Can I wash my hair in Tree Braids?
  9. Can I swim in Tree Braids?
  10. What type of maintenance is involved with Tree Braids?
  11. What should I bring to my Tree Braids appointment?

  • What are Tree Braids?
    The Client’s hair is sectioned off for a cornrow. As the braid is created, extensions are simultaneously incorporated into the row. Extensions are also pulled from the cornrow, like a branch from a tree, to cover the braid
  • How much hair / how many packs do I need? 
    Premium heat-resistant synthetic hair, in the color of your choice, is included in the service! In the event you would like purchase human hair for your Tree Braids, you can! You would need to purchase bulk hair, meaning the hair is not on a weft/track. Most manufacturers package bulk hair into 2 bundles per pack. Please, always check to make sure. Purchasing 2 packs (4 bundles) of human bulk hair is recommended.

    Those who purchase human hair by the ounce, purchasing 6.5-8 ounces of bulk hair is recommended 
  • Can I put it in a ponytail?
    Tree Braids can be pulled back, behind the ears, in a low ponytail. Ladies who prefer high ponytails (frequent workouts, outdoor activities, style) can request individual braids in the nape area. 
  • How long does it take?
    Tree Braid installation times vary. This is dependent upon your style requests and needs, head size and number of specialists servicing one client. One specialist installing Tree Braids may complete a full installation (extension preparation, braiding, cut & style) in 4-6 hours. In the event 2 specialists are available, a full installation may take 3-5 hours. Adding individual braids for a high ponytail styles adds approximately 1 hour to installation time.
  • I have missing or weak edges; can I still get Tree Braids?
    Tree Braids are not the most recommended style for clients that have issues with their “edges.” Excessive tension can be decreased for clients with thin or weak edged by having their edges left out and not incorporated into the cornrow. Once all of the extensions are installed, the edges would be gelled back to blend in.
  • My hair is short; can I still get Tree Braids?
    If your hair is long enough to cornrow (approximately 4 or more inches) Tree Braids can be achieved
  • Can I remove Tree Braids myself when I'm ready? 
    Wait! Would like to bring your style back to life and wear it for another 4 weeks? If so, please visit the refresh FAQ here for more information.

    Tree Braids are a modification of cornrow. If you can unravel a cornrow, Tree Braids should be no problem. Simply clip the end of the braid and unravel the braid. Clients that previously received a Refresh & Fill-in service should review the at-home removal instructions.

    For clients who choose not to remove their Tree Braids at home, Creationz Anew offers removal services and packages. Extensions are safely removed and braids are unraveled after the hair has been saturated with a creamy and nourishing condtioner mixture. Lastly, the client's hair is thoroughly detangled, rinsed and dried. This service can be packaged with shampooing, deep conditioning and style services.
  • Can I wash my hair in Tree Braids?
    Sure! Not only can you wash your hair and scalp, it’s encouraged! Because Tree Braids display visible braids, many clients opt to cleanse their scalps more frequently than washing. For instructions please click here
  • Can I swim in Tree Braids?
    Yes! Swim It is suggested that while swimming, clients place all of the extension hair back into a ponytail and placed into a secure bun to avoid tangling. Because Tree Braids are a modified cornrow style, please be aware that cornrows expand when wet due to absorption of water, which may let hairs slip from the braid and appear fuzzy. After swimming please wash (wash/shampoo, not just cleanse the scalp) your hair immediately following the instructions  click here
  • What type of maintenance is involved with Tree Braids?
    Priority, no matter what style you choose should be placed on your own, bio (biological) hair! Please cleanse your hair and scalp. Keep your hair and scalp sufficiently moisturized as well. For instructions and suggestions, please click here

    Extensions should be protected at night with any hair wrap or scarf of your choice. Those who choose not to wrap their hair nightly, tangling and matting can be avoided placing your Tree Braid extensions into a ponytail at the top of your head and placed into a secure bun.

    Please moisturize and finger-comb your extensions as needed.

    Tree Braid refreshing and fill-in services are also available to extend the “life” of your installation.
  • What should I bring to my Tree Braids appointment?
    Bringing entertainment (movies, music and books) and snacks is highly encouraged!
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